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Sunday, March 2, 2014

God brings us through the fire!

Thursday morning, we smelled something funny in our house. We all thought it was because Matthew had burned popcorn in the microwave. So, I got out the Lysol and scrubbed the microwave down. Let it air dry for a bit, then put a cup of water in the microwave and started it up for a minute, to see if it was still giving off the burned popcorn smell. The microwave smelled a lot better. But, there was a funny smell over by the pantry. 

Opened the pantry and it was stronger in there. Then, we thought the motor on the bath tub jets must have burned out, as that is connecting to that pantry. Filled up the tub, and tried to run the jets, but they would not turn on. We also noticed the phone line was not working. 

We kept checking around, making a few cell phone calls. Feeling walls to make sure there wasn't a fire in the walls. 

Rick went to church to get 6 fire extinguishers. 

Then, we saw this:

We knew we had a fire in the attic. 

We told the children to pack a bag of clothes, and anything that is dear to them and get it to the main door, this is not a drill. 

I called my parents and asked if they would come and get Sam and Matthew, so I knew they would be safe, and I would know where they were. 

We shut off the main power to the house. 

Lowell and Rick went up in the attic, and were trying to put out the fire.  Everytime they put the fire out, a new one would pop up. It started getting out of hand, and we called 911. 

That took most of the day. 

The fire department said they would get the fire out, and another one would pop up in another place. Lowell finally figured out that because our main electricity was shut off, it had to be a downed power line. Sure enough, right across the road was a downed line. Once the power company came and shut it all down, the fire department was able to put out the fire. Then, they scooped out the insulation out of the attic on the one end of the house, to make sure it didn't start up again. 

The fire department started going to other homes to make sure they didn't have a fire because of the downed power line. 

Both the fire department, and a man from  the electric department said our fire was due to the downed power line.  

I cried off and on over little things. Like, I forgot my makeup and Sam's meds in the house. Not knowing if the house would burn down, or if all of our stuff would be trashed. 

The fire department called the American Red Cross, and they sent someone over, and she got us registered in a nearby motel for 3 nights.  Some church people came to give us support. Some brought plastic to cover holes. Josh and Lowell worked to get heat in the house so the pipes wouldn't freeze, as it was 20 below  zero. 

I picked up Sam and Matthew from my parents, while Rick ran to church to put back the unused fire extinguishers. We ate at Kwik Trip, then headed to the motel and relaxed in the hot tub. 

Friday, we spent most of the day at the house with insurance adjusters. We found out they can not start work on the house for at least 2-4 weeks, and that quote possibly, it will be months before we can move back in there. 

I cried over the loss of my new washing machine, and the loss of my laundry detergent and favorite shampoos and body washes. 

I also emptied out a fridge. Most stuff I threw away.  Jeremy had his truck there, and we got the small freezer onto his truck bed, and over to church. The other two freezers are in the garage, and as long as it stays this cold, I won't have to move the food out. I also hand washed dome dishes (crazy, huh?  Worried about dirty dishes at a time like this). We ran to Wal Mart and picked up some supplies. Did a load of laundry at church. Bought a rotisserie chicken and fruit salad at Wal Mart, brought it to the motel room and ate it, later we went back to the hot tub. 

Saturday, we went back to the house to pick up some things. Jon, Dan and Andrew went to the Mall of America to shop with Rachel and Becca.  Rick stopped at church to print off his sermon. We met Josiah and Sarah, Jeremiah  and Claire at the house, as they wanted to see the damage. I also gave Rick a hair cut while there. He was worried I would be too cold and shaking and would cut his ear, as it is only 55 degrees in there, colder where we have new openings in our ceiling and no insulation. 

We then went to Josh and Brittany's house, as they invited us over for tacos. Then we came back to the motel,Rick took a 15 minute nap. We then ran a load of stuff to the house we will be staying at for the next 10-14 days. The people went on a cruise, and so they loaned us their house. I cried when we were there. I guess everything just hit me. Maybe it all didn't seem real, and we were just on a mini vacation. But, knowing we would not be going to our own home, and staying in our very generous friends home was overwhelming. And looking at all the work that needs to be done is overwhelming. 

We met Josh and Brittany at Culvers and then we came back to the motel and we all went to the hot tub. Rachel, Gracelyn and Becca went, too! 

Today is Sunday. We have to eat breakfast here at the motel, pack up the rooms, and leave the motel and head to Sunday School. After church is fellowship 
dinner. We will pick up some food from the house, and head to our new temporary home. 

God is good!

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