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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update on house

So we are in the counting phase. We got a letter from our insurance company, stating: (If I find the actual letter I will copy it here) but, the gist of the letter is that we have to be out of the rental house by June 30th.  No matter that we have up to almost $10,000 in rental monies, and have not even used half of it.  It doesn't matter if we are the hold up, nor the contractors--and the house has to pass inspection before we can even abide there.

So, this week I have been very sick with fever and diarrhea (I know, TMI).  But, life happens.  It hit 4 AM on Tuesday, and I suffered all week long.  As in, I'm in bed thinking I'm dying.  :)  But, I am finally better, and even eating real light stuff now. 

Hubby was gone to work, and said he'd grill out, so I thought I would help him.  I put the charcoal in the grill, put lighter fluid on, and lit it.  Got the coals nice and ready for him.  He cooked it up, they ate (I didn't eat the burgers, as I figured it was too harsh for my system, but I did have a little bite). We were in our room discussing church/house stuff, when Sam comes in and asked Rick to come with him.  Here we had a neighbor on our upper deck, knocking on the patio door.  Well, he says, "Your patio is on fire!"  Oh, great!  He asked if we had a hose (we don't here at the rental).  Rick started filling up pots and pans, and he got it out.  The neighbor sprayed from underneath.  The flames were only a couple inches tall. 

Our mishap:

After picture (thanks to Josh, Brittany, and Ryan)
The only thing we can figure out, is that the live coals got small enough to fall down the grates, fell into the ash cup, which we had forgotten to close off the air flow on, and the live coals fell out the hole and down.  Which it should have landed on the base of the grill, but it didn't, and rolled off the base onto the wood deck.  When it rains, it pours??

So, Rick takes off this morning to Menards to get the new wood.  He had it inside the truck, and a lady came speeding out in front of him, without even looking.  He had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting her.  Because of him slamming on the brakes, the wood went into the windshield.  Yep, we need a new windshield.  I'm not too sad about that, as the windshield has what I think is called "gravel pits" all over.  When the sun hits the windshield just right, the light reflects off all the pits. 

Tomorrow, after church, we will go to my parents house, as it is my dad's 75th birthday.


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