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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Crock pot cleaning hack

My beloved crock pot has seen some better, cleaner days!  I looked on Pinterest and found a lot of ways to clean the inside of the base.  How does THAT get dirty????  I mean--really??  The crock sits in it, and goes over that edge, so how does it get dirty?  I don't know, but it was dirty!

So, this is what I tried.  I read that if you put a bowl of ammonia in the base, and put the lid on, that just the fumes would clean it.  I wasn't really believing this, because I had tried that on an oven to no avail.

So, here is my crockpot at the start.  Gross!!

So, I read that you put a bowl of ammonia inside the base, then put the lid on and leave it overnight. I actually left mine for 2 nights and then some!

This is the crockpot base after I wiped it out--just wiped it!

It's better, but not all clean. 

And here is the base after lightly scrubbing the rest out with an SOS pad.  Almost new!!

Blessings!  and I hope this helps you keep your crockpot base looking better.  I mean, my crock pot is a life saver!!

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