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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still snowing in April!!

So much has been happening!

We have been steadily doing school.  Finished our Wisdom Booklets for the year, now pressing on with Language arts and Math, and some extras.

We went to District Summit a couple of weeks ago.  We had a nice time with Josh, Brittany and Elise.  We were able to spend some time at the pool while the licensed pastors (our hubbies) went to the meetings.  It was relaxing.  We even got to go to our favorite burger joint, Kroll's in Green Bay!!  We order our favorite burger on a hard bun, with everything on.  Now THIS is a butter burger (Culver's has NO idea what a butter burger is - LOL)  We also order a butterscotch shake and some deep fried cheese curds.  Oh, I better stop, or I will want to go back for more!

We had to leave from Kroll's and come back and take Jon to the free clinic, as he hurt his ankle.  Found out it was a really bad sprain, in that he tore a couple tendons in the ankle.  He's doing better, but it still is sore.

We have had Elise here for a few days, while Josh & Brittany went to Cancun.  Then, on Friday night, the other grandma and grandpa picked her up, for the next leg of her journey.  They took her down to Florida, to meet up with Josh and Brittany.  They will stay there until April 30th, and then they will all fly back home.

Here Elise is ready to go on her trip with the other Grandparents.
They left at 9 PM, so she is in her jammies.

While she was here, I had done some grocery shopping, and while I was putting the groceries away, I knocked a can of peaches onto my toes.  Broke one.  No, I won't show you the picture for that.  :)  Some of my children say it's too gross.  

I have done some internet shopping on airline tickets.  Finally found some good deals.  I gave Dan a project to find a good price to fly from Minneapolis to Nashville--on certain dates.  He did a really good job.  But, in our looking, we found out that prices can change from day to day.  So, I have now booked a trip for my dad and my hubby to go to a Bible conference.  Now, we just need to get the motel. :)

We have gotten quite a few snow storms in April!!  Enjoy the pictures!

 This is April 23, 2013.  Out our front door.

This is looking out at our backyard.

My poor flowers keep trying to come up, then it snows again.


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