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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So far, no more snow!

We have been delighting in the nice, warm weather!  Matthew got his bike out (I told him he had to wait till the snow was all melted)  and has been riding his bike daily.  He also wants to make a tree house.  I'm not to keen on his climbing trees at this point.  Even Sam got out his bike, and PEDALED up and down the street!!!!  Yippee!!!!  Why am I so happy about this??  Well, he normally just pushes his feet on the ground to make the bike go.

School is going on, and we only have 7 days left!  Then, I will begin planning for next school year.

Today I made bread.  Now, that may not seem like a big thing, but I haven't made home made bread in quite a while!  I used to make it at least once a week.  So, I made a pan of caramel rolls, 2 loaves of cinnamon bread, and 2 loaves of whole wheat bread (all out of 1 big recipe--just so you don't think I made 3 different batches)

I called the doctor's office today, to get it set up for the next Strep test.   Unless they call back and change it, it is set for 1 week from tomorrow (the boys are still on meds)  Here's hoping and praying this is over!!!

I'm looking for stuff for Sunday School.  We were doing "The Story", and it finished up, and the new curriculum doesn't start until June, so I have some weeks to fill.  So, I've been searching for things to do.

I got my hubby a new t-shirt--it was a total surprise to him.  We had seen one while we were on vacation, and we had hunted at t-shirt shops down in Branson, but never found one.  I found it online, and were they fast at shipping it!  I ordered it on Friday, and got it the following Monday!

Not much else for news.  We are getting ready for the Nehemiah/Ezra conference on May 17-19, with speakers Doug Small and Eric Barger.  Dan and I made a poster for the conference (someone else had said they would do it, and they must be a procrastinator, and poor hubby was not too happy it wasn't done, so he asked if we could help him out).   We got it done, and a bunch printed off, and started putting them up.


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