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Friday, October 2, 2015

a Busy Pastor's Wife

So, here we are--in OCTOBER!  Where did the time go??

I have been busy with the photo directory.  You thought I was done with it?  Well, so did I!  I got the proof back, and it was riddled with errors.  It is now shipped back off to the company.  I'm waiting on the next proof--hopefully error free!!

We have been looking at a Wednesday night's children's curriculum.  Trying to find something that doesn't just plop children in front of a tv.  I think we may have found something--It does have a small amount of tv in the beginning, but the main Bible teaching is done by the adults there.  It sounds fun, and teaches our main tenets of faith, with a mystery theme, this would be for the children aged 6-12.  I have stuff for the kids ages 3-5.  We will have our meeting next Wednesday, and show it to people who are interested in teaching.

I've also been doing the weekly church bulletin.  And the monthly activities calendar, and monthly birthday/anniversary calendar.  Whew!

Our family grew by 1!!  It's a four legged addition.  We are pretty sure a neighbor left their cat when they moved earlier this summer (how can someone do that??)  This is the nicest cat--at first he tried to come in, and we would say no.  But, months later, he is still around, and it's getting colder and he really wants in!!  Sunday night, we were heading to church, but I had to put something in our recycle bin.  I turned around and the cat came running straight to me.  And dropped a mouse at my feet!!!!  After my initial horror, and jumping around and screaming (much to the boys' delight!), I saw the mouse was dead.  So I told him, "Good Kitty, Good Kitty!!!"    Hubby took the cat to the vet today.  He de-wormed him, and we found out the cat has already been fixed!   We are making sure the cat is litter box trained, so right now he is in the garage.  We are trying to come up with a name for him.  My ideas?  Frank, or Frankie, or Aslan.  Dan says Toffee.  Matthew says Garfield.  We will have to vote.  He is part Siamese, so my Frank was for Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra).

We are going on a trip later this month to Colorado.  We will be taking cabinets for a man who double booked himself.  Then, we will do some sight seeing.  I think Mesa Verde is on the agenda.

Matthew goes in for a Scoliosis appointment next week.  I will try to remember to take pictures of what goes on in a normal Scoli appointment.


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