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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My how time flies!

I had a title for this post, but when I went to post on it, a while back, it wouldn't let me.  :)  So, here it is working, today.

I think we were having router troubles, and not even knowing it!  My hubby tried to get the Wii to update, but it wouldn't work.  So, he called Nintendo, and almost 2 hours later, it still wouldn't work! They suggested it was the internet, and to take it to someone's house who didn't have our internet provider.  He then called our internet provider, and they claimed it wasn't them.  Took the Wii to my parents house, and the updates worked!  Came home, and it still wouldn't work here.  Called the internet provider again, this time they said it must be the router.  Got a new router, and it is working great!!  I can even upload a video clip to my Facebook page, rather quickly!  Before--it would take all night, or many hours--for a 30 second clip!!!  I don't remember what all else we noticed that since we got the new router, it works!

Why is it, when a product says it installs easy--it usually doesn't??  It took us a bit to get the new router up and running, but now it works very nicely!

Becca flew out to Chicago on October 23rd, for a Journey to the Heart.  This was her first time flying!  She will fly back on this Tuesday.  Can you believe I got round trip tickets cheaper than I could have driven her back and forth 2 times??  Especially when you count in the gas and food money.  Not to mention my sanity!!!  I asked her if she would like to fly, and she said that was a nightmare for her!  She said she thought planes went down a lot, we did have a nice chat about that.  Then, I told her that she would be way safer in a plane on the return trip, because otherwise, it would be me driving through Chicago to pick her up!  (my hubby works the polls that day)  She wanted to fly, after she found that out--ha ha!

Let's see if I can run through some of my last week--aside from school every day, we also added in a surprise birthday party for our oldest son, Joshua.  Can you believe he is 27????  Someone in the church reminds us--that in 3 years--Josh will be the age we were when we moved here.  Wow!

Tuesday night, we went out to eat with a couple from the church.  I guess my hubby had said we would take them out to eat, and quite some time had passed.  We went to A & W, and it was ok.  I should have gotten a hamburger, instead of the broasted chicken.

Thursday, we went to my parents house at noon, for a meal.  She is so sweet to cook for all of us.

Friday night, I had my parents over to our house for a belated birthday meal.  I had wanted to do it on Mom's birthday, but Dad took Mom out for the day.  This worked out really nice, as she got 2 days of celebrating--well, maybe a day and a half.  I made chicken roll ups, homemade croissants, mashed potatoes, gravy, parsleyed carrots, and cherry cake.  Afterward, we played Mexican Train.

I have gotten all my windows, inside and out, washed.  Then, it rained.  And did we have a wind storm!!  They say that if we were living in hurricane country, it would have been a class 3 storm!  I did rewash my living room area windows, inside and out.  I can't believe how bad the rain streaked them.

Well, I guess I should close this off.  Thanks for listening!

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