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Monday, August 30, 2010

The count continues. . .

I have 2 teens in braces, as of today.  Becca has had braces only on the bottom teeth, she wears the palate adjuster on the top, to stretch out the mouth, before they can put the braces on the top.  We took Dan in today, just expecting they would do the preliminary work.  He came home with the braces on all his teeth (he has more room in his mouth than Becca does).  We were shocked they did it all today.  His mouth is a bit sore.  He has a cool neon green on his, and Becca has pink.

3 is the number of bee stings I have gotten so far this summer.  Almost had a bunch more today.  Jon & I went to get some stuff out of an old van.  When he slid the van door open, we found out that some paper wasps had built their nest on the sliding door.  They came out hopping mad and buzzing all around.  I was so glad I didn't take Matthew with, as he was begging to go.  Jon and I stayed real still, and they buzzed around, and then left.  I was worried about closing the door again, but Jon got it done, and we took off out of there!  So, how did I get the 3 stings?  Well, the first 2 happened at one time--I was testing the pool, and putting chemicals in.  I wasn't looking down, and the bee got between my foot and the sandal, and when I walked, it stung--twice.   I can understand that one.  It's the 3rd one that has me confused.  We were laying on some recliners in the pool one day.  All of a sudden, I got stung on the inside arch of my foot.  Not sure if I subconsciously felt it on my foot, and jumped, or used the other foot to brush it off.  Still kind of fuzzy.  All I know is, it hurt!!  And I sat up quickly, which made my float kind of sink.  I was screaming, and Rick & Dan were laughing--thinking that my float got a hole, and I was just sinking, as they didn't know I had been stung.

Well, enough counting for today.  I need to go to bed.  OK.  One more count--25--that is the minutes it is past my bedtime. 

Oh, and 1 cute thing.  I couldn't resist another count!  Matthew was singing the "Countdown Song" for children.  You know the old time one "Somewhere in outer space, God has prepared a place".  Except, Matthew sings it "God has repaired a place."  Ha, ha

Good night!

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