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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time for an update.

Well, here we are, into the new year, already.  Where does the time go??

My poor dad has been having back/hip problems (he thinks it is sciatica).  He is really in a lot of pain. Then, we got more snow.  As if we needed more, ha!  We had a snow storm in early December and got 2 feet of snow, or thereabouts.  Today, we got another 3-4 inches.  My dear husband went over to my parents house, and snowblowed for them.  Then, Mom asked us to come over for supper.

We had a wonderful dinner at my parents house!!  We had a meal in the pressure cooker, and it was so good--had pork chops, that were so tender and tasty, with gravy and peaches and I'm not sure what all else was in there, and we put that all over rice or noodles.  YUM!!  Brownies for dessert.  (she caters to my children--she is so sweet)  While we were there, Siah & Sarah dropped off Jeremiah, as they were going out to eat with Josh & Brittany.  I begged them to let me keep Jeremiah overnight.  He is so much fun, and so easy to take care of!!!  I was going to watch Jeremiah tomorrow, anyway, as Sarah has a prenatal visit in town.  This just works out so nice.

Sometime this month, I should be a grandma, again!  Sarah is due on January 23rd.  Should be a girl, whom they are naming Claire.

I had a wonderful Christmas, did you??  I got some very nice presents, as everyone overly blessed me.  I got some of my favorite perfume, a new crock pot--of which I am so excited!!  After cooking, it turns to warm!!  My old crock pot was cooking things too fast, and when we would be out and about, we would come home to a nice crispy meal, rather charred.  :p   I wish the Christmas break could have lasted longer, however.

Ben graduates in just a couple of weeks!!  We are so excited for him, and we are looking for a motel, as we need to be down there for a couple of days--February 4th & 5th.  We will have to see what the Lord has in store for him.

Well, my brain has turned to mush.  I am so tired.  So, I will close off, as I think I am just rambling.  :)

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