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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Learning Flexibility

Ok.  So I have this huge chicken (around 8 pounds).  We put it from the freezer, into the fridge in the garage a couple days ago.  I got it out today, so I could spice it up, only to find, it is still VERY FROZEN!!!  Change of plans for dinner!  Tonight, we are trying a new recipe, called Taco Pasta. 

I sure was counting on the leftover chicken, though.  And, it's rather embarrassing, when I told Sarah that they could stay for supper, as we were having chicken.    There is no way that chicken would get thawed, though.  

We still have Jeremiah, and he is such a sweetie!! We have been having so much fun with him!!  He is walking all over the place, and is getting inquisitive, checking out all the rooms in the house, and my cupboards.  :)  Love that!!

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