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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do I really have to come up with a title??

I so enjoy watching the little children for the Growing Kids God's Way class that meets every Tuesday night.  The little ones are just so much fun!!!  I usually have one 3 year old that comes, and three 1 year olds!!  Yes, they are busy, and oh, so much fun!!!  There is 1 girl, and 3 boys that come, and the little girl is just the sweetest!!  She loves to snuggle!!  If I have to get up to wash a face, or get a toy for them, she will stand by the rocking chair and bang on it, as if to say, "Get over here, sit down, and hold me!"  She gets so tired, and she looks at the boys as if to say, "Just sit down, be quiet, and let me go to sleep." And one of the boys must have thought I needed to keep drinking, because he kept bringing me my bottle of water, and wouldn't put it away unless I had taken a drink out of it.   I'm thinking of writing a book, entitled, "Everything I learned about life, I learned in the Toddler Nursery."   

Snow, snow and more snow.  I think if I sing my "Let it Snow" song, I might be kicked out of Wisconsin.  :)  We got around 18 inches of new snow on Monday.  I drove my dad to the back doctor, for a post op check up.  The roads were rather frightful!  Mom & I decided we were going to drug dad on the way home, so he wouldn't be scared.  We didn't, but it sure was fun to joke about.  Dad is doing good--since the surgery, whilst sitting, he can now lift his left foot 5 inches off the floor, which he couldn't do before that.  They are having him go to physical therapy twice a week, and after the first visit, they have already seen an improvement.  Dad is still in TONS of pain, and the doctor prescribed some meds, as they think there is some inflammation around the nerves.  I just realized I didn't mention that Dad had surgery on his back!  Oops.  I really need to do better at updating!

YIKES!!  I didn't realize I haven't mentioned that I am a Grandma again!!!  Claire Anneliese was born on February 8th.  Beautiful girl!!  She goes in to the pediatric cardiologist tomorrow, as she has a heart murmur that needs to be checked out.  So, that means we get Jeremiah tonight and tomorrow!!  He is so much fun!!!

Jeremiah loves to walk around, and he talks a lot, well, babbles.  And he holds his pointer finger and thumb pinched, and then, says, "Ummmmmm."  Like he's trying to figure out what to say next!

I've been battling a cough/cold for quite some time.  Why is it, I can eat healthy, take all sorts of vitamins, and my cold lasts for weeks.  My hubby??  He does not eat nearly as healthy as I do, and I have to force him to take vitamins, and he gets over the cold in 2 days?????

We are looking forward to not going anywhere this weekend.  In four weeks time, we had been to the Dells/Madison area 3 times!!  One of our Dells/Madison trips, was for Ben's graduation!!  YIPPEE!!  The night before he graduated, he came to visit us at our motel, and went to the waterpark with us.  We were JUST talking about leaving the waterpark, and going to get something to eat, when Ben walked across the hot tub, carrying Matthew on his back (we were all in the hot tub), when he bumped his knee on the ledge in the hot tub.  Ben limps out, and sits over and away from us.  I asked him what was wrong, and he mouthed to me, what I thought was, "My bum knee."  (he slipped and fell on the ice earlier this year, and his knee has still been giving him troubles).  I said, Your bum knee?  He said, no, I need help.  I came over, and here, he had gashed his knee in, and there was blood all over the place.  We got a life guard to come help us get Ben to the First Aid room.  Two funny things.  1)  One lifeguard asked another if they needed to vacuum out the hot tub.  The other said, "No, we only do that for vomit or feces."  Comforting, huh??  Not really!  2)  The first aid man said he would butterfly the gash, and I asked him if they had any super glue.  He then asked me if I was a nurse!  No, we just have lots of cuts, and a doctor once told me to use super glue. 

Ben is now graduated, and we are praying for him to find a job in his field.  If you would pray with us, that would be great!!!

Rachel is moved back home, and it is so nice to have her here.  She has her own room, but she shares my sewing room.  It was kind of a compromise.

Oh, my hubby bought me an Ab Glider!!  So far, I haven't been able to use it much, as the young men in the family have been working out.  I had my eye on it, as I really need to get in shape.  Also, during our morning school, I have a little pedal machine, where I can sit in any chair, and pedal away.  I can adjust the tension on that.  I use that most mornings.

Well, speaking of the Ab Glider, I'm off to go use it!

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  1. I enjoy grandparenting with you. Wow, you live a busy life.