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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday at last!

Well, I made it to Saturday!!  It's been a busy week.  And, an emotionally draining week.  Yesterday, we got to go to a hospital, to visit Sarah's sister, who just had her 6th child.  That's fun!!  She now has 2 girls, 4 boys.  After the hospital visit, we went to a funeral home, to support the family, whose 18 year old son/brother committed suicide.  Life/death  all in one day.

Later today, I will head over to Josh & Brittany's house for the baby shower for Claire.  I have the cutest dress!!!  Shhh, don't tell Sarah!

Otherwise, I am hoping to lay real low today.  Drinking lots of orange juice, as I am trying to beat this cold/cough. My nose is best friends with the Neti Pot.  If you aren't familiar with a Neti Pot, just think of it as your own personal water boarding torture. Ha, ha.  No, really, I do much better after I have a treatment.  And, I have learned to relax while doing the treatment, so I don't sputter, and feel like I am drowning any more.

I need to go over and fine tune my Sunday School lesson. I am now teaching the young people, aged 9 to 13.  They are a fun group!!  I also need to re-do the church calendar, as I forgot to add in Day Light Savings Time.  I also need to make up a sign up sheet for the March Ice Cream Social, for people to bring in the ingredients. (so much for having a quiet day, huh?)

Dad has been having nose bleeds and coughing up blood.  I am hoping they will go in to the clinic, or at the very least--call a Triage nurse.  My parents aren't sure if it is because of the new meds (which he has discontinued), or Physical Therapy.

Ben is moving to his home stomping grounds!  It will be the week of March 14th! It will be nice to have him back here.  We are still praying he will find a job in his field.

Dan got some really good news at the Orthodontist!!  In April, he will get his braces off!!  They have only been on since September 2010!!  His orthodontist advertises "Get it straight fast!".  They sure are!!  He is still not done with his treatment, as he will then go to a retainer.  But--the really cool thing??  He will get them off 2 days before the play, "The Living Last Supper".  We were hoping the play would be as authentic as possible, and Dan plays John in the play.  I don't think the disciples had braces back in the day.  :-)

Poor Becca is still wearing her braces.  She's had her bottom ones on a long time, and has only had the top ones on since January.  BUT--she has a MUCH smaller mouth than Dan, and they are still working on expanding her palate, to make room in the mouth.  Her only other option is to pull perfectly good teeth.

Well, I guess that's all the news.

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