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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy, busy days

Here we are into March already!  Where does the time go??  We have been celebrating birthdays around here, as we have 3 birthdays in March.  Becca turned 17 on the 5th, Ben turned 23 on the 10th, and my hubby will be 50!!!  on the 21st!!

So, I read this ladies food blog every day.  She makes a lot of home made pudding.  It's been years since I made homemade pudding!  So, she tells on there how at the end, she has to strain her pudding to get the bits of cooked egg out of the pudding.  Yes--she says--bits of cooked egg in the pudding.  Hmm--she adds the hot mixture to the egg yolks way too fast, as I have never had bits of cooked egg in there.  So--I had to try for myself, if I could still make pudding, without bits of cooked eggs in it.  Oh, yeah!!!  I am still good!!  Happy dance!  So, I made butterscotch pudding.  It was so good!!  I made a huge batch of it, as I was hoping it would last a couple days, as Sam loves to eat pudding before bed.  He eats 2 of those containers.  His favorite is chocolate, and I tried to get a big can of chocolate at Sam's club, but they just didn't have any.

We got a new to us car on Thursday.  We got a 2009 Chevy Imapala.  That will be nice for my hubby to take around on church work, and a lot easier on the gas!

Tomorrow, the Mannon Family Movers are in full force, again!  We head down to Madison to move Ben back up here.  He will be moving in with Josh & Brittany, but we need to get his furniture all back up here.  Not sure where it will all fit, but we did clear out some space in the garage, in case he needs to store some stuff.

Yesterday, I was pretty busy.  Helped clear the garage, gave 5 hair cuts, made the pudding, and various other odd jobs.

One of these days, I want to take my parents to Ikea, as they have never been to one!  I thought they would enjoy that.

I ordered some things to help me out.  I will soon get, "Managers of their Chores", as I need help in planning the children's chore lists.  That gets to be burdensome.  And, I am also getting the book, "Cutting your Grocery Bills in Half."   I would love to coupon, but who has the time??

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