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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Behemoth" by Jonathan C. Leicht - book review

"Behemoth" written by Jonathan C. Leicht book review.  In Kenya, chief game warden, Jim Thompson has a huge problem. Three elephants, and a cape water buffalo have been gored to death in the past month. Upon looking at the tracks surrounding the dead animals, they were puzzled by the tracks, as they didn't recognize the animal that left the tracks.  He then makes casts of the imprints, and sends them to a good friend, who was excited to tell Jim that he found some wonderful, in pristine condition, dinosaur tracks.  Jim tells him that they were just made--not by an extinct dinosaur.

Also, going on at the same time, is Professor Stephen Gregory, who was just forced to resign over his belief that their could be dinosaurs living today, just not discovered.  Enter a rich man, John Maxwell, who will fund an expedition to Africa, to find a living dinosaur, and to let Stephen prove his theories.

I really enjoyed this book!  I read it rather quickly, and was so thoroughly captivated by it!!  I do hold to the Creationist view, and have heard many discussions on the topic.  With that being said, I was definitely NOT bored by this book!  It was a real page turner, and he even brought out some very good points, some I hadn't even heard before.

As for any negatives--why can't a Christian book be devoid of any alcohol??  When Stephen Gregory goes into the limo, to go meet with the rich John Maxwell, he is offered a sherry, which he does imbibe.  When he arrives at John Maxwell's house, he is offered more alcohol (which he does turn down, stating that he had his limit--I guess they figure they had some kind of morals there, that you can drink, but just within your limit).  And, at the end of the book, everyone meets together to celebrate with champagne.  Why can't they leave that out??

With that being said, it was just a small part, but it just gets to me that a Christian book has to have that in.  The book was very good, and well worth reading.  It was a nail biter, in some spots, and very interesting to read.

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  1. thanks for the review - i think this is the next book i'm going to request! :)