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Friday, March 16, 2012

Scoliosis update

Well, we have been to the Scoliosis Specialist.  He was such a nice doctor, thoroughly checked Matthew over, and told Matthew that he doesn't want him to worry about anything--that it is the doctor's job to worry about this.  Anyway, Matthew's spine has all the parts there, just rearranged wrong.  A brace will not be able to correct this.  Maybe, sometime in the future (I would assume after he's done growing), he might need surgery.

And, because his spine is messed up, they are also checking his kidneys and heart.  When a baby is formed in the womb, the same week that the spine is formed, so are the kidneys and heart.  So, when a child has scoliosis, they figure that is one of the three has an abnormality, they check the other 2.  I am a bit nervous, as, when Matthew was in the womb, there was concern about his kidneys.  I had to go in every 2 weeks for an ultrasound to keep an eye on it.  And, he has had a heart murmur.  So, this mom does get a bit nervous.  Yes, I know God is big, and He is in charge, but on the other hand, this is my baby. . .

So, on Monday, Matthew goes in for an ultrasound on his kidneys.  Then, he will have an MRI done on his spinal cord.  The specialist is contacting our regular physician about the heart tests.  Matthew is a bit nervous about not eating or drinking anything past midnight.  :)  He loves to get up, and drink a bunch of water or milk.  And, the test isn't until 11 AM!  We will take him out to eat after the appointments.

Here is his xray.

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