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Monday, August 30, 2010

99 cents a pound is not a good deal for grapes!

. . .Especially when you get the whole big bunch home, and find out they are horribly SOUR!!!!  Major pucker power!!  I have seen people eat a grape in the store, and always thought it would be stealing. Is eating 1 grape stealing, or not??  I surely don't like getting 5 pounds of sour grapes home!!!  I think I will freeze them, and then sugar them.  Otherwise, what do you do with them??

I've been cleaning like crazy today.  So, I thought I would sit down and give myself some reward time on the computer.  Yeah!

Jon's car did break down. I guess it was the head gasket--major expense.  So, he ended up buying another car really cheap.  Sold the old car to the mechanic for a couple hundred.  2 days later, the newer car died!!  Seriously!  I guess it was an air filter needed to be changed, and it needed a tune up, and fuel filter.  Running fine now, but he might need the fuel pump changed.

Well, I need to get back to work.

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