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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ouch, a sunburn hurts!

Well, I spent way too much time in the pool yesterday, and I am now paying for it.  :-(   It was very relaxing, though!!

We have been having VBS this week.  Instead of doing arts/crafts, we do sports.  The children have a choice between flag football, or soccer for the 4 to 11 year olds, and volleyball for the 12 on up range.  It has been a nasty week, weather wise.  God-wise---it has been great!!!  I think every night, we have had conversions from non-churched kids!!  We now have 50 kids registered, and they are such a great group!!  We go from 6 to 9 every night.  My hopes were to get the kids checked in, and then come home.  Those were my hopes--reality is, I register them, and then head to the kitchen to get the water and gatorade, and snacks prepared.  But, last night, I was able to leave at 7:30.  I came home, and hopped in the pool--it was so relaxing!!!  Ah!  My fabulous neighbor has been helping me out this week, as well, and she came over, and joined me in the pool, as it was so hot and humid. 

When I got back inside, I found my hubby had called, they were all trying to find the take home papers!  I guess everything went awry (I must hold it all together, huh??).  I texted dh, and told him that I left the papers with the rally leader.  They did finally find the papers, AFTER all the children left. 

Tonight, I will have to stay the whole time, and wear many hats in doing so--registration lady, snack lady, photographer, and nurse, to name a few. 

Our dog is great.  All she does is lay there, and she loves to be petted.  2 days after we got her, she went into heat.  :-(  SERIOUSLY??????   I was so upset, as I was going to have her fixed right away.  So, now we wait.

I am trying a new recipe tonight.  It is called "Crock Pot Gyros".  We love Gyros!!  Hope it tastes good!!

Jon's car has broke down (we think it is serious), and my hubby had to run him into work yesterday and today.  We are still waiting on a verdict on his car.

That's all the news for now.

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