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Monday, August 30, 2010


It seems to me I had a whole list of things I had been counting.  Right now, I can only think of a couple.  The buds on my fabulous rose bush!!  I had 87 roses on that bush, for the first flowering of this year.  Then, it went dormant for a bit, and now it is loaded again (I haven't counted them as of yet).

3 days until the dog gets fixed!!  No more heat cycles for her, or stressing for me!

7 days till our school year starts.  I am not ready!

A whole bunch of gallons of water that Sam has drank from the pool (I can't count those gallons!)  Sam has learned a bit how to swim.  This coming from the guy who can't stand to have water on his hair or face whilst taking a bath.  He loves to dunk himself in the pool!!  I'm so amazed at how much he enjoyed the pool.  Normally, when we go to a motel, he freaks out in the pool area, and I have to have him double protected (floatie swim suit, and an inflatable bucket seat).

Many laughs with Sam.  He learned how to pedal a bike!  He is also pretty good at riding the scooter, until he took the spill on the road, and scraped his face, both elbows, and both knees.  That's not the funny part--what is funny, is still wanting sympathy over the boo boos (still, even though you can't see them any more).  Also, last week, he was helping me remove the husks from some corn.  He was so patient, and at long last, got it down to the corn, to which he replied, "MOM!!!  It corn!!!"  I'm not sure what he thought he was doing, as I had a whole pile of corn on the cob between him & myself!  He did 3 ears for me--I'll take the help!!

After that, he looked over at the dog, who was panting very heavily.  If you are unfamiliar with a child with Down's, you might not know that there is a lot of work involved in training them to keep their oversized tongue in their mouth.  I used to have to push his tongue in his mouth, and remind him (Sam, put your tongue in your mouth).  Now, I don't have to push the tongue in his mouth, just give him a gentle reminder (Sam-tongue).  He is getting really good about it, now, and only does it when he is concentrating very hard at something.  Back to the dog.  So, she is there panting, and her tongue is hanging wayyyy down!  Sam goes over to her, and shoves that big, long tongue, back into her mouth!  It worked for a few seconds, and it was back out, to which, he patiently pushed it all back in.  :D  Love his patience and persistence! 

We've had some tough times recently, and sure do appreciate the prayers, and emails we have received.  Still not through the woods.  When I'm counting my blessings, you are on my list!

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