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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well, we did it!!

Well, we went and got a dog! I'm not sure on her age (they thought 5 or 6 years old). She's really quiet--the only time she barked was when we took her outside, she saw Sam in the house, and she wanted to come in. She's a very gentle dog (borders on the lazy side!!) She is fat, too. So, is she fat because she's lazy? Or, is she lazy because she's fat??

Andrew has been taking her for walks, and she seems to enjoy it. She is getting spoiled rotten!! The boys feed her by hand, and bring her food and water dishes to her.

She could be missing her other home, and they also had 3 other dogs. Maybe she's just homesick. Or, she's just mellow. I wouldn't have gotten any of the other dogs, as they were horrible!! They jumped all over Sam, kept trying to knock him down, and he was so scared!

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