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Monday, July 9, 2012


Well, if you are reading this, then you don't have internet problems from the Mal-Ware July 9th issue.  :)  So, here is my day so far:

It is a bit after 10 this morning, and I am keeping myself busy.  I skimmed out the pool, put a new filter in the pump, cleaned out the old filter, and put the solar cover back on the pool.  It's at the temp I want now, so we will keep it there.  I also made out an order for Sports Camp.  I was trying to get a hold of a lady all morning, and finally got through (someone told me she wanted stuff ordered, also).

I am hoping to work on going through the boys' clothes.  I had started it on Saturday, but then, we got the call saying we could come pick up a lawn sweeper.  That was on the other side of Eau Claire.  Because the Suburban is STILL broke, we had to get a 48" sweeper in the car!  That was fun to do!!

I also have some stuff listed, that people are going to come today to pick up!  Yeah!  My hubby will be so happy to be clearing this stuff out!!

I had such a wicked headache last night (migraine), I ended up staying home from church.  I could not handle lights or noise.  I am doing a bit better today, at least I can have some lights on.  It was probably the heat, but could also be stress.  I ordered the Living Last Supper mugs--21 of them!!!  Only to pick them up, and they are horrible!!!!  The men's faces are all red or orange.  So, that is another situation I need to handle.  ARGH!!!!


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