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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Projects, projects EVERYWHERE!!

We have so many projects going on--it is unbelievable!  And--what I totally dislike, is being in the middle of a project, and finding out you either have a wrong part, or need one.  Or, to be doing one project, only to see another one that needs attention.

Let's see if I can explain. I was working on the bumper for the cog wheel table.  I got down to the last bit--of sewing on the Velcro.  Only to find out, I needed Velcro.  Hubby had run into the store, but there were so many types of Velcro, he didn't know what I wanted.  He got a sticky back kind (actually, two kinds!), and I needed the sew on kind.  I finally got that straightened out, and I am really hoping to get that project checked off.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the 2 youngest boys' dressers.  Woo hoo!!!  Only to see their bed sagging.  Some of the bars under their mattress had come off, and so I hooked it up with a cable wire and u-bolts.  Ran to the store for u-bolts, as well as a locking bolt to fix the mop bucket.

We tried to return the mugs, and they would have, but I didn't have the church credit card with me, as it was paid with the church credit card.  I had Wal-Mart print off a photo, made from the same picture as the mugs, just to show them that my picture wasn't off.  So, we have to get the card tonight, and return the mugs tomorrow.  I just want that over and done with.  I am not sure I will place another order, as it is really nerve wracking.

I need to replace the cloth on our hammock.  On the 4th of July, hubby sat down to relax in his hammock, when all of a sudden, it crashed!!  Because it had been in the sun, the sun weakened the cloth, and he fell through!  Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, just escaped with a scraped and bruised arm.  I bought the cloth, and need to fix that.

I also need to fix the screen mesh for the patio door. 

And, we are still working on cleaning and rearranging the garage.

I sold the karate equipment we had!!  Slowly, but surely, we are getting rid of the extra stuff.  I also sold a portable baby high chair.  I also sold Ben's table and chairs.  He didn't want them, and they were taking up room in the garage.  I am still trying to sell the entertainment center, and a dog kennel.

Last night, we went to see a comedian/juggler.  He was really good!!  The library was sponsoring him, and it was scheduled at 5:30.  I was so pleased with myself--I made 2 pans of manicotti earlier, and had them in the oven on time bake, so when we got home, we could eat.  I didn't want to eat before, as we were planning on leaving at 4:45, and we would have had to have eaten at 4, and then the whole family would have been starving afterwards.  The juggler had appeared on America's Got Talent, and he did a nice job of entertaining.  Not many people showed up, and we also passed out a couple of Sports Camp postcards.  The juggler was a Christian, and was wearing a t-shirt talking about the Majesty of the Lord's name. 

Today, the men are pouring concrete, so they can get the shed moved onto the slab.  The church bought a used shed, and moved it to the church, and they are getting it prepped to put in place.


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