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Friday, July 16, 2010

Catch up

Well, it seems that I have been too busy to post on here. Not too much has been happening. I found out that if you are going to set an alarm, you really need to check the time on the clock, first. Either you will be late, or very early. I was up very early. I wanted to get up at 4:40, so I could babysit. I ended up getting up at 3:40. That day dragged on. . .

I have been battling an ear infection. Not fun!! If any of you wonder why small children cry when they have one, I will tell you--they hurt! I had lost the hearing in my good ear, and they put me on strong antibiotics, to cure the ear infection. Right now, I am hearing at about 75%--which is better than it was a couple days ago. Conversations around the house have been interesting!!

We bought a small pool, and I am trying new chemicals for it. We shall see how it goes. Thought I'd put a picture on here of Sam. He got himself dressed in his swimsuit. ;) So, here is the latest in swimwear fashion.

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