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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I know why I don't take the boys grocery shopping!

Now I know why I don't take the boys shopping with me--I spend WAY too much when they are with. Mom, how about this, how about that? Aside from buying some junk type stuff, I also bought lots of fruits, so that's not so bad, right?? I'm going for mom of the year! Ha, ha!

On the way to the store, Sam was in the back, saying, "Mom--buddies???" Yes, Sam, we are buddies. Are you my buddy?? He answers in the affirmative, and then says, "Mom---Shake???" He loves a chocolate shake.

Then, shortly after that, a little hot rod red car passed us. Sam got all excited, "MOM!!!!! McQueen!!!!" (as in Lightening McQueen in "Cars") It wasn't but he sure thought it was.

Did you know I'm going to be a grandma again?? Siah & Sarah are having baby #2. Jeremiah will turn 1 on January 5th. The new baby is due January 23rd. Exciting times!!

Well, I am going to close off for now. Oh, and yes, Sam did get his chocolate shake. ;)

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