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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I forgot to mention on the 4th, we also did go to see the fireworks! I also found out I am the worst mother in history, as I "broke tradition"!!! I didn't know that I "always buy sparklers, and stuff for s'mores". Well, this year I didn't. The child who said that I broke tradition, said that it didn't feel like the 4th without it, and that they didn't want to go see the fireworks. The child opted to go see the fireworks. His options were 1) see the fireworks, and have fun, or 2) stay home and go directly to bed. :D He chose the first option.

I was a good mother, and made up a bunch of popcorn to take along, as well as caramel popcorn.

Knapp does put on a very nice show, for it being a little town. And, I enjoy the closeness!

On the way home, one of the cars in front of us hit a family of 3 skunks. Whew!! We missed them, but Jon was behind us, and he thought his car was higher off the ground.

Off to study my lesson. Have a wonderful day!

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