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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So tired. . .

I really need to discipline myself to get to bed earlier. Right now, I am dragging. Plus a headache. I so want to go take a nap. But, we are having nasty weather. We have had nasty weather a lot this week! 3 storms on Wednesday, then on Friday, and again today.

So, back to the nap. I crawled in bed, and Andrew comes in, and says, "You can't take a nap!!!" He doesn't care for the tornado watches/warnings. Then, he is begging me to take us all to Madison. (Aside from the fact that he adores Ben, who lives down there, he also checked, and found out they aren't having the tornado watches.) I told him that I wasn't going to drive through this weather to get down to Ben's, and--Ben isn't there today, he's in Milwaukee video taping a wedding. He still tells me I can't take a nap, and what if a tornado comes?? I told him, that if I go during a nap, I won't know what hit me.

Had a busy day today. Went to the last graduation party for this year, and then over to a benefit to a relation of someone that goes to our church.

Need to get ready for church tomorrow.

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