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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Many firsts for me

So much has been happening! I have been doing some things I thought I would never do.

First of all, I got a fishing license! I don't like to eat fish, so I never fished. We were going out in our pedal boat with some friends, and I decided to get a license, so I could fish, too (everybody else would be fishing). I caught the first fish. ;)

I also wore my first pair of capris!! I had talked to dh, about going in the pedal boat (the gals would be pedaling, and the guys would be trolling in the back of the boat) It's not exactly modest to be wearing a skirt, pedaling. So, I got some capris. Honestly, wearing them for the first time, I felt naked. I got a tan line from where the capris ended. I was the smart one, and was feeling the hot sun, and decided after a while to put on some sun block. I was telling the rest of them, they should put on the sun block, too, but they wouldn't listen. So, I got the nice tan, they got a nice burn.

We got a dog! I should have named the post "Here today, gone. . .Today!" The dog ran away about 10 minutes after we got him home. The boys couldn't believe I actually gave in, and got a dog. He was a little Yorkie. The boys loved on him, and held him. Then, we put him down, and let him explore his new home. He needed to do his business, so we took him outside, and he did the business, and took off like a rocket. We searched for 2 hours that night, and again the following day. No sign of doggie. We have now named him "Bolt", because that is what he does.

Jon, Becca and Dan are all up at Bible Camp this week. This is so weird--I only have Andrew, Sam and Matthew home.

On Monday, we did a bunch of church work--not too fun for the boys. However, we did get to eat out at Pete's Pizza for lunch, and Sonic for supper. I don't think they were complaining about the church stuff after that! We have 39 children signed up for Sports Camp (VBS) this year. Lots of new children! I ordered 50 shirts, and we picked up the iron on transfers (Josiah & Sarah are making the design for the shirts). We changed the church sign, to announce the Sports Camp, and I also worked on the church calendar. How's that for busy??

We are enjoying our pool! However, they are a lot of work! Every time I am in the pool, I am skimming it. Even though we have a lot of trees gone in the back yard, we still get pine needles and leaves in the pool. But, because the trees are gone, this is the warmest the pool has EVER been!! Then, it rains, and cools it down a bit. I might have gotten too much sun on my back yesterday, though. Should have used the sun screen. I was even vacuuming the pool out, and cleaning the filter. Yes, the pools are a lot of work! Add to that, the testing of the water, and adding chemicals. But, I have been enjoying it.

Ben is coming home for a visit!!!!! He will come home the night of August 6 and leaves the morning of the 9th! It will be good to have him home. We are trying to plan out what to do while he is here--he wants to go fishing, and he wants to grill out.

Well, I should go. Still need to come up with some sports drills for the children to work on (for the VBS).

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