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Saturday, June 5, 2010

1/2 Way done!

Well, we just had our 5th graduation party. 5 more to go (of ours). Everyone is gone, the house is cleaned, and I am relaxing. Got my tired, sore feet up. :)

We got some tables and chairs from church, and weren't sure if we were going to put them up outside or not, as it was supposed to rain tonight. Well, the weatherman was wrong (imagine that!!) The party started at 1--we put the tables out at noon. Sure enough, it started to rain. We brought 2 of the tables in from outside--moved some furniture around in the den, and put the 2 tables in there. Had a very nice time visiting with everyone. Jon had tacos for his meal, and it worked out really good. My husband's uncle & aunt came! It was nice to see them.

The rain stayed, until the party was done, and we got everything cleaned up. Now, it is nice and sunny. We cooked out burgers on the grill--nice, easy meal, as we both didn't feel like cooking much.

The older ones are all gone out, and it is just dh, myself, and the 3 youngest.

I made a copycat version of Outback Steakhouse potato soup the other day, and it was yummy!! My hubby was so happy, as it is his favorite soup at Outback. Since the Outback in Eau Claire closed, he doesn't get that soup. We like Texas Roadhouse, but they don't have soup--just chili.

Well, I should go get the little boys in the tub, and then crawl in bed.

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