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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tigger's Tale

Sam loves Tigger. But, he's been forgetting Tigger at church. He has a few Tiggers, but only 1 special one (he's kind of floppy). Well, 2 weeks ago, he left Tigger at church, and kept begging to go back to get him. Well, he talked his dad into going back to church to get him, and he was so excited! He pretended to call Tigger on the phone, and said, "Tigger, I'm comin' "

Well, this last Wednesday, he forgot Tigger again. The crazy thing is, no one remembered him bringing him! So, he was asking to get him. Thursday was so busy--trying to get ready for the grad party, getting food, etc. We told Sam we would get Tigger later. Well, while hubby & I were out shopping, Sam decided to take his bike off to church to go get Tigger. Becca caught him down by the stop sign! When I got home later, Sam was still mad at Becca for stopping him.

Friday dad & Sam went to church to get Tigger. But, Tigger was nowhere to be found. Sam came home so dejected.

During the grad party, Della (who teaches the kids club), was talking about Sam & Tigger, and said she knew where Tigger was!! Some girls cleaned up a room, and threw Tigger into a cabinet. She left the party, and went to go get Tigger for Sam. He was so excited!! He hugged and kissed Tigger all night! Well, his hugging and kissing went on, even after Sam ate chocolate pudding. :( So, I had to put Tigger in the washing machine. Sam sat right in front of the washing machine, and watched Tigger go round and round. Then, it was time for Sam to go to bed, and Tigger had to go in the dryer. When Sam got up this morning, Tigger was right beside his pillow.

And, yes, I got the Kodak moment of Sam by the washing machine.

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