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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back

Well, I think it's about time I update my blog, don't you?

The time out in South Dakota was trying. Long trip out there, on very little sleep (I had 4 hours of sleep the night before we left). Took off at 5 AM. The a/c went out on the truck, even though my sweet dh had it in to make sure it was running perfectly. But, thankfully, we didn't need it the rest of the trip, as it was only 57 degrees! Had the windows rolled up, and the heat on.

Finally got out to SD, and I had a meltdown. I shouldn't make excuses, over how tired I was, Matthew wasn't feeling the greatest, etc. So, I had a meltdown, and told everyone to pack up, we were headed home. My hubby looked at me like I had lost my mind, and I probably had. We had a nice talk, then, we got the family together and worked through it all. Had a nice time after that.

We watched the Ken Davis DVD, and we all had a really great laugh. He talks about an accident he had in his car, and after that, weird things happened. Like, every time he would open the car door, the locks would engage, and he couldn't get out of the car. So, on Tuesday--I'm in the bathroom, and when I turn the knob to come out--the knob turns, but it won't open the door!! I'm pounding on the door--yelling, "Somebody get me out of here!" Dan finally comes, and asks what he can do. He got me a knife, and I was able to get out. Took the knob off (in case one of the little boys went in there), and bought a new knob.

We got to see a lot of beautiful scenery. I have never seen the Badlands in the rain. Got a beautiful picture of a rainbow there. Saw some bison, had the exhaust system break. The truck sounds like a really cool Harley. Dh is worried we are going to get a ticket for it, as it is really noisy. We have an appointment for it to get fixed tomorrow.

Matthew was very sick, so he missed traveling around Devil's Tower. Needles Highway was beautiful. We also went to Hot Springs to Evan's Plunge. It wasn't as warm as I remembered it.

I'm glad to be home.

Now, we are dealing with some health issues with my dad. Trying to get him feeling better. We will find out today what is going on.

I need to run, and get some groceries later. Also have to shop for the Father's Day gifts for the dads in the church. Yes, it will be "Dad's" rootbeer for each of the men.

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