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Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Regrets

If you know me, you might know that I want to live my life with "No regrets". I heard that Bill Borden, at three different times in his life, had 3 mottoes: No reserves, No retreats, No regrets. Wouldn't it be fabulous to not have any regrets?? Ah, but in going through the house, getting ready for the big Day (graduation party), I do have a couple regrets. My pictures are a MESS!! Miss "R in the South", could you please come up here and help me get this mess situated???? I have drawers full of packages of developed pictures. (hey--at least I took pictures!! I have heard people say that the more children you have the less pictures they took of the younger ones--not true here!) I used to have it all together, but not any more. I need to do something with the pictures.

Hey--My sister does scrapbooking--maybe I'll throw it all her way, and beg her to do something about it! (Sondra, if you are reading this--please don't faint over the enormity of it all)

Pet peeves--I can not stand to go to a store, and have the clerk not be able to count change. I went to the dollar store the other day, to pick up some stuff, and remembered I had taken all the green out of the wallet. I was left with just change. So, I only had 1 quarter, and the rest dimes and nickels. I gave her the dollar plus tax. She could not count it!! She counted each of the nickels, as though they were a dime! She got over $1.15, and said, "Whatever!" and threw the money in the till. According to the receipt--I was supposed to get back change!!!

My house is all spiffy. Got the carpets shampooed, vinyl floors scrubbed. Sure hope it doesn't rain, as I don't know where we would put everyone.

Ben comes home tonight!! I'm so excited!! He will be able to stay until Sunday night, as his classes start back up on Monday. In honor of his return, we made cookies yesterday. Want to make another batch today.

We are going to a wedding in South Dakota next week! I am looking forward to going away for a bit. Josh & Brittany, Siah & Sarah & Jeremiah all get to go, too! We will all be staying in a house together. We got to talking, that some of our younger children have never seen Devil's Tower, Needles Highway, Custer State Park, etc. So, because we will be right in that area, we will probably throw in that trip, too.

For the big graduation party--Jon picked tacos. I think each child's food has been different. I let them pick what meal they want served. Forgot to ask Sarah to make a cake--I have been so forgetful! So, I had to hurry up and order a cake from Wal-Mart. Glad they take last minute orders.

We had a lovely Memorial Day. Siah & Sarah & Jeremiah came, plus we invited our neighbor. Had a nice cookout, and just a really relaxing day. That evening, we took out the pedal boat, and canoe. Sam had been asking for "fishing" for quite a while. Yes, they went fishing, and caught some nice sized pan fish. We came back home, and used our new fire pit for the first time. Had some s'mores. I still feel like I have wood ticks crawling on me. Can't stand those things!! And there have been so many of them this year! Sam had 3 on him, one day last week.

Tuesday, we went to my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We got him a blueberry bush (Dad loves blueberries), and a Russel Lupine plant. Even got them planted for him. In turn, Dad gave me a rose bush. I planted that in my front yard, and even got the courage to move one of my lilac bushes. I got 2 lilac bushes one year--they were the same size. Planted one by the house, and the other out by the road. The one by the house is maybe 7 feet tall. The one by the road has only grown a couple inches. What it lacked in top height, it must have grown below the surface--the roots went deep. So, now it is moved up by the other lilac bush. Hope it does as well, and that I didn't kill it. :)

Well, I should get going. Need to make a list of all the things I need.

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