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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ben, Matthew's two wheel riding, and lilac bushes

Here are some pictures that I took when Ben was here. And a picture of Ben and myself.

I was working last week on some bikes. Anybody else hate working on bikes?? I worked on 4 of them. 2 are working really well. 1--I wish I had been more observant, and noticed that it had been run over, and the front tire was bent (seriously--I didn't see it!!! I was so focused on fixing the chain, and taking off the training wheels) Andrew's bike still needs a part, as the chain keeps falling off. But, 1/2 isn't bad, is it? So, I got a bike rigged up for Matthew, and told him he was going to ride without training wheels. He was a bit nervous, got on the bike, I gave him a push, and he took off! He hasn't fallen, yet!! He really enjoys riding a 2 wheeled bike.

Also, I recently replanted one of my lilac bushes. I received 2 lilac bushes 3 years ago, they were the same height, etc. I planted one up by the house, which has done VERY well. And another in another part of the yard, and that one didn't do so well. So, I moved the little lilac bush up by the other one, and am hoping that it does as well as the bigger one. You can see the difference. :)

I'm having a restful day. Cleaned up the carpet where some orange pop was spilled--didn't come all the way out, but hopefully it will wear out. Also shampooed the hallway and one of the boy's bedrooms, and some spots in my bedroom.

Also doing laundry. Oh, and I went to put away my hard floor scrubber, and saw that it still had some solution in it, so decided to use that up. :)

Taking it easy for supper tonight--making tacos. Need to freeze up a bunch of that leftover taco meat.

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