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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy, busy day

I have had a very busy day. Love that Murphy's Oil soap!! Scrubbed down all my kitchen cabinets, and I do have a lot!! Washed down all the wood doors with it, too. Also dusted and washed the ceiling fan blades. Scrubbed the kitchen and dining room floors (and I even got down and scrubbed the kick boards). Dh, Dan, and I put together the trampoline & net. It is wonderful!! The children have been jumping on it, and enjoying it, and I have a peace of mind, knowing they can't fall off it.

Now, if I can just get out of bed tomorrow morning without hurting!

Our old church building, that we just sold a month ago, has been having some activity there on the weekends. We hear lots of hammering. They still aren't moved in there, and won't be, until they get some stuff done in there. They did move out some pews. The outside of it is stained brown (we used to love singing "The little Brown Church in the Vale") But, in one corner of it, it looks like they bleached it--rather sporadically, in sweeping motions, not complete. Hmm, what are they doing??

Well, I should get going. Need to get to church. Hope I don't moan too loudly during his teaching. :-)

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