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Monday, May 10, 2010

Boys are so different than girls!

Ok--aside from the obvious--boys are WAY different than girls. I don't think that girls usually try to give their mother a heart attack on Mother's day! Whereas, boys, on the other hand, don't mind. I thought for sure we would end up in ER. Great mother's day gift, huh?? Well, Matthew came in the house with a bruise on the chin. When asked how he got it, he replied that he was rather sore from sliding. How does that make the chin bruised you might ask?? Well, he was sliding on his stomach. Ok. FROM OFF THE ROOF OF THE JUNGLE GYM!!!!! Ok--excuse the shouting. Now you see why I almost had a heart attack. He climbed up to the top of the roof of the jungle gym. Slid down the roof on his stomach. Dropped about 5 feet, landed on the slide, and slid the rest of the way down. Now you can see my relief at why we weren't in ER on Mother's day. I am so grateful that all he got out of the ordeal was a bruised chin. Did I mention that he is now grounded for life??

Other than that episode, I had a really nice Mother's Day. Got to take a nap--which was a bonus! Maybe it wasn't a nap--maybe I fainted after I saw Matthew's new trick.

We had Josh & Brittany over, and enjoyed my all time favorite of bbq chicken.

This will be our last week of school, and then, I am home free!! Whatever will I do with all my time?? Anything I want!! First off, will be putting together the new trampoline & net. Although, after yesterday, I am seriously reconsidering if it was a wise purchase. :) Then, I need to get going on the graduation finishing touches.

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