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Friday, May 7, 2010

A very rainy day

Yesterday was a bit chilly, at first, but then turned into a wonderful day! Today, it's rainy--and they say by nightfall, we might get snow!!! Get real!! I'm ready for springtime weather, but I guess we had that back in March.

You should see my big, beautiful back yard!!! I'm so excited to have some open space!! It's huge!! We will fill it up this year with a new trampoline and a pool. And, we will have LOTS of room to spare--enough room to play volleyball, and baseball or kickball. The newly planted grass is beginning to come up, and hopefully, soon, we won't have a mud pit. Although, Becca wants to move the volleyball net out to the muddy part and play in the mud!

Jon took off for Madison this morning, as he has a job interview down there. It is bittersweet--we are so proud of him, he has really matured this year, and we hope he gets the job, but, yet, we will miss him terribly.

Tonight will be really different. Just hubby & myself, and 2 little boys! Whatever will we do?? Maybe we will have to watch a Jerry Lewis movie. Dh is a Jerry Lewis fan, and we are raising the little ones right, as they love Jerry Lewis, too. Our favorites are the old movies, in black and white, with Dean Martin. All the older dc are going to Josh & Brittany's for a bon fire, and youth outing.

I have a birthday coming up, and no ideas on what I want! I guess I really don't need anything. So, if you have any ideas on what dh and family can get me--let me know!! (If you really know me well, you would know I don't like surprises--and I usually peek at gifts!! So, pass any suggestions through me first) May is one of our big birthday months--we have 3 birthdays in May--first mine, then a couple days later, Matthew, and then Daniel. Oh, and guess which cake Matthew wants again this year???? Yep--Candy Land Cake!! (Andrew is begging me NOT to make it again--but it is Matthew's birthday, and he gets to choose)

Found out today that my cousin was killed in a car accident early this morning. Pray for his family, as his dad, my uncle, is taking it very hard. My dad will be conducting the funeral.

I thought the wallpaper on this blog was of flowers, at first, but on closer inspection, I found out they are tools. :) Well, I guess that is because I am still a work in progress.


  1. HO HO HO -- to the PEEKER -- we have your gift! And you're going to be 29, or is it 39???
    Yes, your back yard is really looking good; and in fact, it is in plain sight [achem]! You might have fewer mosquitoes now, also! That would be nice... and fewer wood ticks. All these things to look forward to!
    We are so proud of Jon too, and what he is doing with his life. It's always refreshing to see "goals" and watch how God moves them to His liking.
    Blessings to you and have a GREAT night!
    Love U Mom and Dad

  2. Please don't pass any ideas through her. My email address is Although she doesn't like surprises, she needs them once in a while.
    Oh,and I can't believe Mrs Let It Snow doesn't want snow. This is probably the first time you haven't wanted snow since you got snow on your birthday and couldn't ride you new bike.
    We are proud of Jon.