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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You ate my chocolates?

It is still cold and rainy up here in the north. So ready for nice, warm weather! I have some irises that are hoping it will warm up, as they are staying covered, and not wanting to peek out, yet. We had much nicer weather back in March.

My backyard is really starting to green up. With some warm weather, we might have some nice grass back there.

Did I mention we really need some warm weather??

I'm cold! And, our furnace keeps kicking in--it is just so wrong! Yes, I know I could lower the temp in the house, but we are already battling colds/coughs.

We were gone, just for a bit to town. Got back, and I found out Sam ate the rest of my chocolates!! He wonders how I figured it was him--well, judging from the chocolate smeared all over his face, um, I guess it was you! I think he felt bad, but, yet, given the chance, I'm sure he'd do it all over again.

Matthew is planning his birthday meals. Sounds good, except he wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese. :) We like Tim Hawkins a lot! He has a song (can't remember which one it is), that says the parents want to burn down Chuck E. Cheese, which gets all the parents laughing. Matthew does not like Tim Hawkins because of this song.

I'm supposed to be making out a menu and list, so I can go shopping tomorrow, but here I sit, updating the blog. :)

We are hoping that this past week of Matthew's Mishaps, are not a precursor to his 7th year! Still can't believe my baby will be 7 (shh--don't tell him I called him the baby!)

Josh & Brittany came over last night for my birthday meal of Rotisserie Chicken & Penne Pasta. I even let them pick out the mushrooms. How nice of me, huh?

Well, I should get going on that menu. I've been looking at it, and it just isn't getting done by itself.

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