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Friday, May 14, 2010

Last day as a 6 year old

I love the day before a birthday. It is so much fun!! Tomorrow is Matthew's 7th birthday, so today will be filled with sayings like, "This is your last breakfast as a 6 year old", "The last playing outside as a 6 year old", etc. And my all time favorite, is tonight, before he goes to bed, and I pray with him, sing with him, and give him a good night kiss, it will be, "This is your last kiss as a 6 year old. When you wake up, you will be 7!"

Tomorrow starts it all over again. "This is your first breakfast as a 7 year old", "Your first kiss and hug as a 7 year old."

I went shopping yesterday, had to buy a ton of candy for the "Candy Land Cake". As the children were going through the bags, they saw all this candy and ask if they could have some. Nope--it's for the cake. I can't wait to see all this sugar coursing through their veins (read this sarcastically-ha, ha!)

The sun is out--and SHINING today!! Yippee!! Maybe it will warm up.

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