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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This & that

Well, let's try to get you caught up in our lives.

Friday--I got to play in the dirt for a while (aka--planting). I planted some daffodils, dahlias, and some seeds in a planter. I also made bread! It has been so long since I have made bread, I'm not sure why I haven't. Now I realized why I have been so stressed--first of all, eating fresh, whole wheat bread has loads of the B vitamins in it, which is so vital for you when you are under stress. Secondly, when I make the bread dough, just working with the warm lumps of dough has a very calming effect for me. I can make 5 loaves of bread, from start to finish--from grinding the grain, to pulling 5 loaves out of the oven in an hour and a half.

Saturday was Matthew's 7th birthday. He started off with blueberry muffins. Oh, yes, my bad! I totally forgot to pick up some muffin mix (ok--I can make bread, but I had to buy muffin mix?? Well, if you knew how busy my day would be, you would understand). Thankfully, Rachel was out and about, and she picked up some muffin mixes for me. Lifesaver!! Otherwise, I would have gone down in the "way cool mom" department. Our plans were to leave at 11 to go to Chuck E. Cheese. At 10--Jon informs us that it is the annual town clean up day. We had been asking if they were doing it this year, and they didn't think so. I really needed to get some sofas & a fridge out of my garage! So, we hurried up, and got that down to the dumpster. We left for CEC at 11:30. Hit road construction and detours. Finally got there, and he enjoyed his time. Everyone donated their tickets to him, and he got some small prizes. Left from there to go to a graduation party. After that, home to make home made, from scratch, pot pies. Oh, and to finish decorating the Candy Land Cake. I was thankful to go to bed last night!

Today has been filled with church. After Sunday School, Church, we then had a potluck for the families going through "Growing Kids God's Way", and then I got to watch a baby while the parents went through the class. I never know what to make for potlucks. I know, the northerners, are big on meat balls in a crock pot (right R in the South??? ) Tonight, after the evening service, we will have afterglow, and I am bringing crackers and dip for a snack.

Speaking of which, I'd better get going on that dip.

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