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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First days of summer

I've been keeping busy! I took pictures yesterday of the children, which can be a big thing to do. I put up a backdrop behind the children. Pick out the little one's clothes, and iron them. Move furniture as necessary, etc. I did take some of the pictures outside, and they turned out really nice. Then, as I had sent them to Wal-Mart, (did I tell you I love the 1 hour online photo capability?) it asked if I wanted them posted on my blog page, as well as Face Book. Well, I did, but didn't realize that it was so that other people can purchase the pictures! So, I took that post off here. I don't want that option. I just thought it would post the pictures that I had taken.

I am moving a bit slowly. I did some cleaning, and got out the carpet shampooer. Did a little spot that was right next to the vinyl flooring. Well, I normally go around the house barefoot, and I was headed into the kitchen, and went across the wet spot, not thinking of wet feet, which was then slippery on the vinyl, and went right down. I don't know how babies do it, when they are learning to walk, because it sure jars a person, all the way up their spine. Not to mention the nice bruises. :(

Need to get the new trampoline up. I can't wait!

I also need to make out a weekly menu, and get after Dan to pick his birthday meals. :) I let the children pick out all 3 meals they want on their birthday. I also have no clue as to what to get the young man, who is way taller than his tall momma!

I am also waiting for Fedex to come deliver my bread Dough Enhancer today. I ordered 6 cans of it, and it is supposed to come today. I really like home made bread a lot better with the Dough Enhancer added. I have made homemade dough enhancer, but it isn't the same.


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