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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I thought I would give this a go, and see how I do. :) I am a wife & mother--married to a Pastor, and we have 10 children together--not a Yours, Mine and Ours family. One husband, one wife, 10 children.

A "Manse" is an old term for the pastor's residence--the current word is parsonage. But, I was trying to stay with the "M's", as our last name also starts with an "M". So, I came up with Many in the Manse.

Yes--life does get crazy--probably more often than not.

Today, I had to run to church for a bit, and was sure I had my cell phone in my purse--in case the oldest babysitter at home needed to reach me. Well, just a while later, my husband got a call from our oldest son, asking where I was--he had called my cell phone, only to have my 9 year old (with Down's) answer the phone! The oldest son asks the one with my phone--Does mom know you have her phone?? He quickly hung up.

I should tell you a bit about us--we have been married for 28 years. We have 10 children--Josh (26) is married to Brittany; Josiah (23) married to Sarah, and they have our first grandbaby--Jeremiah (4 months); Benjamin (22) is in Madison going to school for Video Technology--I forget the official label; Rachel (20) is living at home, working to earn enough money for further education; Jonathan (18) just got his driver's license and is going to graduate home school high school; Rebecca just turned sweet 16, and got a dozen roses from her dad; Daniel will be 14 this month--and is way taller than me; Andrew is 11, and loves sports; Samuel is 9 and is our child with Down Syndrome; and lastly is Matthew, who will be 7 this month. Whew, there you have it!

Oh, and did I mention that I have home educated all of the children, for all of their school years? I have almost 5 done (as of June of this year), and 5 more to go--1/2 way there.

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  1. I remember reading about the "manse" in the Grace Livingston Hill books, so you picked a good title! What a GREAT family you have; each one has their own personality, and you've let them "become themselves" ... We are so proud of YOU.... "Mom" .... from Your "mom"...