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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You cut your hair????

Can anyone tell me what possesses a child to cut their hair??? And, especially right before I need to get their pictures done. :( Well, in all fairness, he got gum in his hair--um, if it's in your mouth, how did it end up on top of your head?? I was gone to a ladies meeting, and I guess Matthew was all upset about the gum in the hair. So, his dad told him to wait until I got home. He had no patience, and had to get it out right now. So, he cut his hair. Right across the bangs. And, in some spots, it looks like he held back part of the hair, and cut the rest right down to the scalp. At least it will grow back, but he will have funny looking pictures.

So, today is Cinco de Mayo. We celebrated by having Taco Soup. Yep--it sounds weird, this is the first time we have had it, and actually, it was pretty good. I loaded mine with sour cream and cheese. Dh added cheese and corn chips. Tonight, we are going to have enchiladas and taco rice. The children are all bummed that I didn't make Fried Ice Cream. Maybe some other time.

Do you know the history behind this holiday?? Did you know that Helmann's Mayonnaise used to be made in England?? and that Mexicans love Mayonnaise? Well, in England in 1912, they loaded up 12,000 jars of Mayonnaise on the Titanic--and eventually it was to go to Mexico. Well, we all know what happened to the Titanic. It sunk. The nation of Mexico went into a time of mourning, and still mourn on the day that the Mayonnaise was to arrive, which was May 5th. So, every year, they mourn the Sinko de Mayo. :)

Here ends today's wit.

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