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Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, how I've missed you!

Dear computer,
I have totally missed you this weekend! I have been way too busy!!! Friday was a dud. Water problems galore! Here is how it went:

I got up thinking I would get so much done. Knew that the instant hot dispenser was leaking, and needed a new one. Got it the night before. Was going to install it, but looked outside, and decided to mow the lawn, as storm clouds were rolling in. I do not mow the lawn. :) And, if any of you had driven past--you would have wondered what on earth I was doing, as going around all those trees in my front yard--I had no rhyme nor reason for my method. I got the mowing deck stuck a multitude of times on the tree trunks--I try to get too close, I guess. So, I even learned how to back up! Found out you have to shut off the mowing mechanism first, or sparks fly. I don't know if that's normal. And, can you tell me why the mower has to die while I am stuck under a tree branch?? If you know me--I don't do bugs! And, here the mower died (I think it needed more gas) I'm crouched down under the branch, trying to start the thing, thinking of bugs, and wood ticks crawling onto me. I did have a bug on my shoulder, and I just about jumped off the mower while it was riding. Anyhow, I got it done, but I'm sure glad you can't see my exact path.

Went to install the new instant hot dispenser. We bought the same kind, just a smaller model. Found out when they built this house, they built it around my instant hot dispenser. LOL So, because dh and I are plumbing challenged, and didn't want to tackle ripping out pipes, we took the smaller one back, and got the bigger one (like we have).

My dh had been down under the kitchen sink, trying to get the old one out. Well, we have an elbow that tends to disconnect. Poor dh was under there, when the elbow came apart, and he got a facefull of dirty water. GROSS!! Then, to make matters worse, ditsy wife that I am, forgot the elbow was disconnected, and decided to cheer everybody up, and make supper. Ran water in said sink, and poor dh came out sputtering. I said, "Well, at least it is clean water." Oops!

Ok--so now--we have the new instant hot, and this was the only box left there--and it was opened. They assured us it would have all the parts. Ha! Missing the compression valve (I sound so knowledgeable, don't I??) It's the little doo hickey that hooks your little copper pipe to the water supply. So, it is 10:30 on a Friday night, we are all worn out, and dh declares, "Why do we get into projects that are WAY over our head??" We finally got it so we could have running water! Up till this point, we had to shut the whole house water off, as under the kitchen sink was a leaky tap line.

When we got the water turned back on--we found out we had a leak in the water heater room. Let's just say, it was a pretty good leak--1 gallon every 4 hours.

Saturday was Dan's birthday. And we had a graduation party to go to. We also picked up the parts we needed that were missing from the box.

Got back home, and a man from our church said he would look at the water heater room and figure out the fix it for that. So, the men go to get more parts to fix that leak. I am under the sink, trying to install the faucet for the hot water dispenser, when I hear the door shut, and the next thing I hear is an angel, saying, "Hi, mom! Do you need some help??" Oh, boy, do I!! It was Josh, and he crawled up in there, and got that thing all fixed up. Totally installed my new hot water dispenser. Fixed the leaky tap valve, too!!!

The other men got back, and fixed the leak in the water heater room. I don't know what to do! We have running water--hot and cold!! And no leaks!!! And my instant hot dispenser is a dream!!!!! I have used it so many times already since we got it put back in. Every morning, Sam has instant hot oatmeal. It is also nice to make tea, pressed coffee, hot chocolate, jello, etc. It comes out almost boiling, at 200 degrees.

So, after that, we made egg rolls for Dan's birthday. Josh & Brittany helped wrap and roll, too, so it went rather quickly

Sunday, was busy with church, and Growing Kids Gods' Way in the afternoon, and then church again last night.

Today is hot!! We went from winter right into summer. It is 95 degrees, and very humid. Ok, all my southern & California friends, quit snickering! I don't handle the heat. And I don't do humid. Yes--the a/c is on!

Well, I should close off, and get some stuff done.
Oh, and as an update--my new name is Stacey. You can call me Spacey Stacey. It fits.

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